The Benefits of Small Business Health Insurance Brokers vs Agents in California

California small business health insurance brokers and agents may all be in the business of selling health insurance products, but that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal.

Just as two medical doctors will take vastly different approaches to their patients, so too will  California small business health insurance agents and brokers treat their clients and customers with varying degrees of service.

Moreover, even though small business health insurance brokers and agents are both responsible for selling insurance, they have different stakes in the process.

  • Small business health insurance agents work for a single insurance company and typically sell only the health insurance policies offered by the parent company.  For example, Humana.
  • Small business health insurance brokers are independent of a parent company and act on behalf of clients (like yourself) and represent insurance products from many companies. For example, Preferred Insurance California.

Because of this, many California business owners and HR managers have different experiences when dealing with health insurance agents versus health insurance brokers.

Let’s explore the benefits of choosing a group health insurance broker near San Diego, CA that can offer the products and services needed to accommodate all the needs of your San Diego area small small business.

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What Services Do Small Business Health Insurance Brokers Provide?

Health insurance plans for California small businesses can be tricky and complex because there are a number of factors that go into finding the right plan.

A  good small business health insurance broker will have a wide range of plans and coverage types available to suit the needs of each unique company, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to health insurance for small business.

There are a number of other services that a professional health insurance broker in California should provide to small businesses:

  • Helping you shop for small business health insurance plans that meet your budget and fulfill the needs of your employees
  • Providing you with quotes and pricing comparisons for different small business health insurance plans and providers
  • Explaining the pros and cons of different health insurance options
  • Giving guidance to help you choose the right business health insurance plan
  • Assisting with implementing your health insurance plan and enrollment
  • Being available to help with employee claims, renewals, billing, and more

When researching San Diego County small business health insurance brokers, treat the process like a job interview. Ask questions about what services the small business health insurance broker will offer, and how the broker will help your company throughout the next months and years.

Be Mindful of Hidden Fees that Small Business Health Insurance Brokers May Charge

One area where some small business health insurance brokers will cause discontent with clients is hidden fees. Although California health insurance brokers are paid based on commission for their services, some also charge additional fees for other services. Watch out for these because they can add up over time and anger employees.

When researching small business group health insurance options for your employees, ask each group health broker about the additional fees they may charge.

Small Business Health Insurance Brokers Skills and Experience

Small business health insurance brokers are professionals, and that means they must be licensed experts who know California health insurance inside and out. Along with having extensive knowledge of the different providers, coverage levels, and plan types, they should also be familiar with the California laws and health insurance-related regulations that could impact your small business.

Similarly, the small business health insurance broker you choose should be familiar with the current market in California.  You want them to be able to recommend the best products and providers based on the needs of your company and your employees.

For instance, if there’s a provider who’s notorious for being late with claim payments, the small business health broker should be aware of this and be forthcoming with this information. Remember that a California small business group health insurance broker doesn’t represent a single company, and instead should have your best interests in mind.

Where to Find the Best Small Business Health Insurance Brokers near Oceanside, CA?

When you’re looking for a broker who can provide small business health insurance plans for your company, there are a few resources you can rely on for a list of candidates.

You can contact your local chamber of commerce to see what health insurance brokers are available in your area.  You can reach out to a health underwriters association to find information on all California group health insurance brokers.

Other professionals, such as lawyers and accountants, might also be able to guide you toward some reliable names. And when you want to do some research about different California health insurance plan and coverage types, you can start your study with health plan sites and broker sites.

Providing group health insurance for your San Diego County employees is an important perk for employee satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.  Having the wrong plan, the wrong provider or the wrong broker can be just as bad as offering no employee health insurance at all.

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