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What Options Are Available for Health Insurance for Freelancers in California?

Are you part of California’s booming gig economy? One question you may ask yourself is how to find health insurance for freelancers. Start here.

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Small Business FAQ: How Do I Budget For Health Insurance in California?

Do you want to provide great benefits to your employees, but are not sure how to make room in your budget for health insurance? Read this.

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California Group Health Insurance Trends For 2024

Do you own or manage a business in California? Then our analysis of group health insurance trends for 2024 is just what you and your fiscal budget need.

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Your Guide to California Open Enrollment 2024

Before your calendar fills up for the holidays, make sure you have “register for open enrollment 2024” on your list. Here’s everything you need to know.

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5 Questions You Must Ask Any California Health Insurance Broker Before Hiring

Before trusting a California health insurance broker with your small business, make sure they give good answers to these five questions.

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Understanding Group Health Insurance Costs in California

Does the uncertainty of group health insurance costs keep you from providing health insurance to your employees? Here is what you need to know.

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The Importance of Preventative Care In Group Health Insurance Plan

Learn why encouraging your employees to take advantage of options for preventative care in group health insurance is good for your bottom line.

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Advantages of High-Deductible Group Health Insurance Plans For Employers

California small business owners looking for affordable healthcare options might want to consider high-deductible group health insurance. Here’s why.

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Why Mental Health Benefits Matter to Employees

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Does your California businesses prioritize mental health benefits for your employees? Learn why you should.

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Losing Medi-Cal? What Californians Need To Know

Are you one of the 2.6 million Californians at risk of losing Medi-Cal because of Medicaid Rewind? You have options – start by reading this.

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6 Things Every California Small Business Owner Should Know About Health Coverage

Thinking about group health insurance for your workforce? Learn the 6 things every California small business owner needs to know about health coverage.


Questions a Health Insurance Broker Will Ask During Your First Meeting

Need help making an informed decision about health care coverage? Here are a few questions a health insurance broker will ask you.