preferred insurance you don't know what you don't know about health coverage in california

6 Things Every California Small Business Owner Should Know About Health Coverage

Thinking about group health insurance for your workforce? Learn the 6 things every California small business owner needs to know about health coverage.


Questions a Health Insurance Broker Will Ask During Your First Meeting

Need help making an informed decision about health care coverage? Here are a few questions a health insurance broker will ask you.

Preferred CA Reimburse My Employees

How Can I Reimburse My Employees for Healthcare in California?

Can I Reimburse My Employees for Healthcare in California? An ICHRA is a great option for everyone. Find out how!

Benefits small companies should offer for happy employees

Benefits Small Companies Should Offer Their California Employees

If you want happy employees (and who doesn’t?), consider these benefits small companies should offer to keep their employees happy and feeling valued.

should california buisnesses offer health insurance to contractors

Can California Employers Offer Health Insurance To Contractors?

What options are available for 1099 employees whose employers do not offer health insurance to contractors? What you need to know.

tips to lower employee health benefit costs in california

How Do I Lower Employee Health Benefit Costs In California?

Are you interested in saving money on your group health insurance premiums? Four tips to lower employee health benefit costs in California.

health insurance of self-employed feature image

How Do I Get Health Insurance If Self-Employed?

Starting your own business brings both excitement and trepidation. Don’t let how to get health insurance if self-employed be a cause for concern.

preferred ca - help to find a health insurance broker near you

How Can I Find A Good Health Insurance Broker Near Me?

If only navigating health insurance were as easy as finding great take-out. It can be! Follow our tips to find the best health insurance broker near you.

Preferred CA - employees to disclose health issues

Does California Require Employees To Disclose Health Issues To Employers?

Learn under what conditions California employers can, and cannot, require their employees to disclose health issues. (Hint: The circumstances are rare.)

preferred ca - when an employee declines health insurance

What Happens When an Employee Declines Health Insurance From Their Employer?

Don’t take it personally if an employee declines health insurance through you company plan, but do take steps to ensure your company is not penalized.

preferred ca - what is employee group health insurance and why should i buy it

What Is Employee Group Health Insurance?

Small businesses trying to navigate through employee group health insurance options may feel like a ship adrift at sea. We can help you find your course.

preferred ca - health insurance broker

What Are The Pros and Cons of Using a Health Insurance Broker?

Learn why using a health insurance broker for your individual and small business insurance needs might be the best decision you can make.