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We are open are ready to get your insurance needs going! In response to the COVID-19 shelter in place, we have ensured everything can be handled via video conferencing, telephone and email. Please call or email with any questions!

Small Business Health Insurance Broker

We can show you affordable group health insurance plans that will help your employees stay healthy, happy, and reassured.

  • We are able to sort through a multitude of health insurance quotes to find the best health plans that meet the goals of your small business health insurance needs and budget.
  • We deal with all California health insurance providers and we assist the small business through the entire group health insurance change and setup process.
  • We also provide daily customer assistance for a wide array of health insurance issues.
small business health insurance broker
group health insurance broker San Diego county CA

Individual Health Plans

If you are looking for an individual plan, we can also help find the plans that best fall into your budget and the plans your doctor accepts.

  • Doctor choice is important for small employers and individuals.
  • Prior to changing your health plan, we will make sure that the doctors you desire are members of the plan you select.
  • We also work to make sure that important prescriptions you may be taking are included in plan formularies.

Why Use a Business Health Insurance Broker?

We understand your needs better

In the age of the internet, we all want information quickly. It is quick and sometimes convenient. However, in the world of small business health insurance, where you are buying an intangible product, things are different.

Individual Health Insurance

Feel relief, you're covered!




Health Maintenance Organization (HMO):

  • Have access to doctors and hospitals in a network established by the insurance company.
  • Need a Primary Care Physician
    • They will give you the referrals to in-network specialists
  • No coverage is offered for out-of-network physicians
  • Typically have a lower premium


Preferred Provider Organization (PPO):

  • Have access to doctors and hospitals in the established network and also providers outside of the network.
  • No need for a Primary Care Physician, you can use any doctor you would like
    • No need for a referral from a Primary Care Physician
  • You are able to receive coverage from an out-of-network physician
    • You must still file a claim for an out-of-network provider
  • Typically have higher premiums based on the flexibility of the plans
Aaron Chavez group health insurance broker San Diego county CA

Meet Your Licensed Broker

Aaron Chavez

I was born and raised in Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I specialize in small group health insurance, but I'm always willing to give advice to someone in the individual health insurance market. I am licensed in both Colorado and California giving me the ability to have clients in the 2 best states in our Country. I love meeting new friends (including dogs) and enjoy the great outdoors.

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