Should You Include Vision and Dental Insurance in a Small Business Employee Health Care Package?

In this post, we discuss reasons California employers should include vision and dental insurance as an employee health care benefit.  

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Do you want to attract and keep the best employees possible?  In California’s hot job market, you may need to offer your workforce extra benefits.

For instance, some California companies provide their employees’ free lunches, yoga classes, and wellness programs.   We even know of a California small business that offers a college scholarship program for children of employees.

But for a typical small business in California, offering high-end employee benefits can get very expensive. 

Well, you will be happy to know that you do have a health insurance benefit you can offer to help attract and retain good employees. All you have to do is offer your employees dental and vision insurance. 

With vision and dental insurance plans, you enhance their health and improve productivity.   The problem is, dental and vision insurance is often excluded from traditional health insurance. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer this important health insurance benefit.

Should California Employers Include Vision and Dental Insurance in the Employee Health Care Package?    

As a small business owner, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that the health of your company depends on the health of your employees.

If your employees are sick, it will affect productivity in the workplace. Want to avoid this and continue maintaining the lead against your competition? If yes, then consider dental and vision insurance in your employees’ health care package.

Here’s why dental and vision health insurance is a good idea. 

Encourage Dental and Vision Checkups

The vision insurance industry has grown by 4.9% to reach $36 billion in 2018. During the same period, the number of employees increased by 2.8% while businesses grew by 4.8%. As an employer, including vision and dental insurance, translates to a strong workforce.   

But if your employees have uncorrected vision problems, their productivity will suffer. This is especially true if your employees spend most of the day staring at a computer screen.

Of course, vision exams help to detect eye diseases such as glaucoma. Vision exams also help to identify other health problems such as hypertension and diabetes. Without vision insurance, your employees may skip their routine eye exams.

Oral health also plays an important role in overall workplace productivity.  Research shows a strong connection between poor dental care and a variety of serious health conditions including cardiovascular disease, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, and pneumonia. 

With vision and dental insurance in place, your employees may be more motivated to get a regular eye and dental exam. Then, hopefully, they won’t neglect the dental and vision care needed to keep them healthy and productive.   

Want a strong workforce? Include affordable dental and vision insurance in your employees’ health package.   

Preventing Serious Health Problems

Vision and dental exams can help to identify and prevent serious illness that may have a negative impact on your key employees.

Here is an example of dental care helping you keep a strong workforce. A regular dental exam can help to determine the onset of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease has been linked to other life-threatening conditions.  Some of them include:  

  • Pulmonary heart disease  
  • Diabetes  
  • Low birth weight in babies  
  • Heart disease   

With dental insurance in place, your employees will be more likely to visit the dentist for the following oral health procedures:  

  • Preventative care  
  • Oral surgery  
  • Endodontics  
  • Restorative care  
  • Prosthodontics  
  • Periodontics  

The takeaway:  With a healthier workforce, you can achieve your business goals much easier.  

Free Consultation with a Small Business Health Insurance Broker

Do you have questions about offering your southern California employees dental and vision insurance? Talk to a local small business health insurance broker with expertise in vision and dental insurance. 

Preferred Insurance of California is an independent group health insurance broker in San Diego County that specializes in small business health insurance for California companies. We offer free consultations and free quotes for employee health insurance for your small business. 

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