Does Medicare Pay for Hearing Aids?

As we get older, hearing loss is a common problem, so you may have wondered – does Medicare pay for hearing aids? Hearing loss affects around two-thirds of people over the age of 70. Loss of hearing can cause problems when watching TV, conversations, or even warnings and alarms. 

A hearing aid is a useful solution. It can help those with hearing loss by boosting sounds in the environment and making them louder. So, does California Medicare pay for hearing aids? 

The Parts of Medicare That Cover Hearing Aid Payments

Medicare has different parts. Part A covers hospital insurance. Part A pays for services such as inpatient stays, hospice care, and care at skilled nursing facilities. This coverage does not extend to hearing aids.

Part B is the part that covers outpatient services and doctor’s appointments. Part B also helps to pay for some items and services that are medically necessary, along with some preventative services. The preventative services don’t cover hearing aid costs, or the examinations required to fit one. Medicare Part B does, however, offer coverage for diagnostic hearing examinations if a doctor orders them. In such a case you’d need to pay 20 percent of the cost.

California Medicare-approved private insurers offer Part C, also known as the Medicare Advantage Plan. Advantage plans offer all Part A and B coverages, and may also include extra coverage. This additional coverage may include hearing benefits, including hearing aids. In addition, the plans might include dental, prescription drug, and vision coverage. 

The coverage and cost of Medicare Part C can vary depending on individual plans. Therefore, comparing them before you choose one is of the utmost importance. 

Medicare Part D is similar to Part C in that private insurers offer it. Part D does cover prescription drug costs, but will not cover hearing aids.

Finally, there’s Medigap coverage, sometimes known as supplement insurance. Private insurers offer Medigap coverage. It covers services or costs that Medicare Parts A and B don’t cover. Typically, it won’t cover hearing aids.

If Medicare Will Not Pay for Hearing Aids, What Is the Cost?

Unfortunately, hearing aids are often expensive. The price can range from $1,500 up to several thousand dollars. Some California Medicare Advantage Plans offer coverage for hearing aids. The cost you’ll have to pay yourself depends on the individual plan you choose. Before getting a hearing aid fitted, you’ll need to check your plan. Checking your plan will tell you how much your out-of-pocket costs will be. You’ll need to remember hearing aid costs also include fittings and exams.

I Know I Need A Hearing Aid – Which Medicare Plan Do I Need?

If you’re aware you have a hearing problem, you’ll need a plan that will help cover your hearing aid costs. Part C plans could be ideal for you. They don’t just offer Part A and B benefits. They often cover extra services as well. These may include dental, vision, and hearing.

As we’ve already mentioned, the level of coverage and the cost of your Medicare insurance premiums will vary. Different insurers offer different types of plans at a range of price points. You, therefore, need to make some comparisons to make sure you’ve chosen the right plan. Preferred Insurance of California can help you to select the best possible Part C plan to meet your needs. As Medicare health insurance  brokers, we can present you with the available options so you can make an informed choice.

Getting Help with Your Hearing Aid Costs

There are many causes of hearing loss. Yet, for most of us, trouble hearing is something that comes with age. Having a hearing aid fitted can give those with hearing loss a whole new lease on life. They can participate in conversations again. They can hear their favorite TV programs and go to the theater without struggling to hear what’s going on. 

Many people over 65 think that California Medicare pays for hearing aids. However, original Medicare (Parts A and B) offer no coverage for hearing aids. The good news is that there are some Part C Medicare plans that do cover hearing services, including the fitting of hearing aids. If you’re going to be enrolling in Medicare, you need to bear your health needs in mind. 

In the future, you may require hearing aids. That is why you should consider taking out a Medicare Advantage Plan. You will benefit from everything Part A and B can offer. You’ll also generally enjoy other benefits that can improve your lifestyle as you age. Ensuring you’ve chosen the right Part C plan will give you peace of mind when it comes to covering your costs. 

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