Is It Better Getting Health Insurance Through a Broker?

Getting Health Insurance Through a Broker: More Options, Better Coverage, and No Cost

Getting health insurance through a broker in California, whether for yourself and your family or your business’s employees, comes with several upsides. The best part is that working with a California independent and licensed broker comes with zero downsides. 

You will reap the benefits of the broker’s expertise, insights, hard work, and resources without paying any extra out-of-pocket costs. Your health insurance broker will serve as your guide and advisor as you select the health plan best suited to your needs and will be there whenever you need them after you enroll to answer your questions and address issues.

Here are six reasons why it’s better to get health insurance through a broker than trying to navigate the complexities of California health insurance all by yourself.

1. Getting Health Insurance Through a Broker: Insurance Is Complicated

Even the smartest and most business-savvy individuals can find themselves lost when it comes to selecting health insurance. Sorting through mountains of carriers and plans, and trying to understand which coverage best suits your needs, can be overwhelming. Even the language of health insurance coverage can seem foreign and indecipherable. 

Your California health insurance broker will translate that language and put things in simple, understandable terms. They have the specialized knowledge that can empower you with information and allow you to make informed choices about your healthcare.

2. Plenty of Options and Unbiased Analysis

Independent health insurance brokers in California typically work with several different carriers and are not beholden to any single one of them. Working with various carriers means the broker can offer you an abundance of coverage options at prices that suit any budget. It also means that your broker can provide you with objective analysis and unbiased guidance focused on what plan or health insurance company best suits you, not what is best for the insurance company.

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3. A Broker’s Services Won’t Cost You Anything

You will not need to pay a California independent health insurance broker any kind of fee, nor will the cost of your coverage go up because you used a broker instead of obtaining coverage on your own. The rates your broker will quote you already take into consideration the broker’s commission, so your out-of-pocket costs will be the same.

4. Health Insurance Brokers Are Licensed and Qualified

Before someone can become a health insurance broker in California, they need to prove to the state that they have the knowledge and integrity to serve their clients with competence and professionalism.  

California Insurance Brokers must obtain and maintain a professional license issued by the California Department of Insurance before they can offer their services. They must complete a state-approved insurance program, pass a difficult licensing examination, and undergo a comprehensive background check before the department will approve their application. Once licensed, brokers must take continuing education classes to ensure their knowledge of the ever-changing health insurance landscape stays up-to-date.   

5. Getting Health Insurance Through a Broker Will Save You Lots of Time

The odds are that sifting through hundreds of different plans and thousands of pages of health insurance documents doesn’t sound like a good time. When you work with a broker, they do all the legwork. They help you narrow your options to those plans which provide you with the best coverage for your needs and budget. And when you work with a full-service broker like Preferred Insurance, we will assist you in enrolling employees and maximizing everyone’s benefits. What a broker can do in ten minutes could take you ten hours to do on your own.

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6. Your Broker Will Be There For You Whenever You Need Them

Selecting and enrolling in coverage is just the start of your health insurance coverage journey. As the years go by, plans or the law may change, rates may go up significantly, your needs may be different, and new concerns may arise. By working with a broker, you’ll get answers to any questions that come up and help with any challenges or issues you may face. Your broker can help you review or modify your coverage each year to ensure you have a plan that’s best suited for whatever your future holds.

Health Insurance Options, Guidance, and Expertise For Californians

As an experienced California small business and individual health insurance broker, Preferred Insurance can answer your questions and provide practical, affordable solutions during these uncertain times. We can meet all of your coverage needs remotely and take care of everything via video conference, phone, or email.

Contact Preferred Insurance today to arrange for your free consultation to discuss your small business or individual health insurance needs. 

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