Should You Use a Broker to Get Group Health Insurance?

To Get Group Health Insurance For Your Business, Turn To Those In The Business of Group Health Insurance

Do you want to know why so many Southern California businesses rely on a broker to get group health insurance? The primary reason is simple: a broker saves companies time and money. An experienced, independent health insurance broker helps companies understand their options and find the plan that best suits their needs, budget, and workforce. Business owners in California are busy enough without spending countless hours analyzing competing plans.  Licensed, independent insurance brokers know their stuff and how to make purchasing group health coverage for business easy, seamless, and affordable.  

No matter the size of your Southern California business, partnering with an independent health insurance broker to get group health coverage just makes sense. Here’s why you should pick up the phone and call the California group health insurance brokers at Preferred Insurance for a free consultation:

A Broker Knows A Lot More About Group Health Insurance Than You Do

The complexity of group health insurance can overwhelm and baffle even the smartest, savviest, and most sophisticated business owners. Trying to understand and compare multiple plans from several different insurers while also matching those plans to your company’s specific budget and needs can seem like an impossible endeavor. Even the language of group health insurance coverage may look like incomprehensible gibberish. Add in the paperwork required to be compliant with the Affordable Care Act, and it is no wonder why so many California business owners are overwhelmed by the process of getting group health insurance for their valuable employees.

An experienced group health insurance broker will translate that language and put things in simple, understandable terms. They will know the health insurance features that are most important to employees and will be able to find flexible plans that provide the best coverage. Connecting California businesses with the group health insurance program that works best for them is what group health insurance brokers do every day. 

A Broker Will Give You Plenty of Options

Preferred CA using a broker to get group health insurance gives you options

Independent group health insurance brokers typically work with several different carriers and are not beholden to any single one of them. That means they can provide you with plenty of coverage options at rates that fit any budget. It also means that a broker can help you navigate the maze of options available with objective analysis and unbiased guidance, focused on what is best for your business, not what is best for them. 

A Broker Will Save You Time and Spare You Frustration

Most business owners don’t want to spend their time going through many different group plans and thousands of pages of health insurance documents. That’s why they let their broker do the legwork for them.

When you use a broker to get group health insurance, they will narrow your options to those insurance plans which provide your employees with the best coverage for your company’s needs and budget. They will help your employees enroll in your program, pay premiums, and maximize the benefits to your company and its workforce. What might take you five hours might take an experienced group health insurance broker five minutes. 

A Broker Will Be There When You Need Them

Choosing a group insurance plan and enrolling in coverage is just the start of your health insurance coverage experience. As years go by, plans or laws may change, rates may go up, your business needs may be different, and new concerns may arise. By partnering with a broker to get group health insurance, you’ll get answers to any questions that come up and assistance with any challenges or issues you may face. Your broker will help you review or modify your coverage each year to ensure that your current plan is ready for whatever your future holds.

A Broker Won’t Cost You Anything  

This may be the most attractive reason to use a broker to get group health insurance. Your company will not need to pay an independent group health insurance broker any type of fee. Similarly, the cost of your coverage won’t increase because you hired a broker instead of getting coverage on your own. The rates and premiums your broker will quote you already factor in the broker’s commission, so your out-of-pocket costs will be the same. So you have nothing to lose, and time and money to gain, by using a broker for group health insurance for your California business.

Finding A Broker to Get Group Health Insurance Just Got Easier

As an experienced California group health insurance broker, Preferred Insurance will bring clarity to the complexity of covering your workforce and provide your company with practical, affordable solutions. 

If you’d like to schedule a free consultation to discuss your group health insurance needs, contact Preferred Insurance today.

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