How to Find an Insurance Agent for Health Insurance

The Right Agent for Health Insurance Is Out There. Here’s What to Look For

Picking an agent for health insurance is not something most folks do regularly, if ever. Like anything else, it can be difficult to choose the right independent health insurance agent in Southern California if you don’t know what to look for or where to look. But given the oversized role that your health insurance coverage plays in your health and well-being as well as that of your family or your employees, you want to make sure you make the right choice.

If you need health coverage, read below to learn what you need to know about finding an agent for health insurance in California who can educate you, advise you, and assist you in picking the best plan at the best rates.

What an Agent for Health Insurance Actually Does

Do you need to work with a health insurance broker to get coverage in California? No. You are more than free to go online, visit the marketplace website, or those of the many insurance carriers who serve California individuals and businesses. At each site, you can spend your time sifting through page after page of details about the scores of healthcare plans available. You can spend even more time trying to figure out the often indecipherable language of health insurance or understand what you should be looking for in a plan. Knock yourself out.

But if you could hire someone to do all of that for free, why on earth wouldn’t you? A skilled independent and licensed agent for health insurance like Preferred Insurance California can do all of the burdensome and time-consuming legwork and spare you hours upon hours of exhausting and confusing research.

Not only that, but an agent for health insurance will have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you understand your options, explain the differences between plans, and help you make the right choice for your specific needs, concerns, health issues, and budget. They will also shepherd you through the enrollment process and be there for you in the months and years ahead if questions or issues arise.

The Importance of an Independent Broker

When seeking an agent for health insurance, finding an independent one proves critical. Independent means that they can offer you a wide selection of plans and carriers as they are not tied to any particular company. Not being with a certain health insurance carrier means your agent in California will give you the most options, rather than a handful of plans only provided by one or two insurance companies.

While you want plenty of choices for coverage, you also want someone to give you objective guidance about which plan best suits your needs. If a broker works for only one carrier, guess which one they will recommend? An independent broker is not beholden to any insurer and does not make more or less money by picking one plan or carrier over the other. Therefore, what they tell you about each plan’s pros and cons won’t have anything to do with what’s best for them and everything to do with what’s best for you.

Shop Local

We’re often encouraged to “shop local.” Usually, local means a way to show support for small neighborhood businesses, especially during these difficult economic times. But when looking for an agent for health insurance, shopping local becomes more about you than about the agent.

Sure, you can go online and find websites and online brokers who claim they will get you the best coverage at the cheapest rates. But does that website know you? Does that online, faceless agent understand what you want and need in a health insurance plan? Will they be there to answer questions or assist you with claims? How do you know what their qualifications are?

A local California health insurance agent will take the time needed to learn about you, your family, your business, and your employees. You’ll be able to contact them whenever you need to, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a trusted advisor in your corner.

What’s the Word on the Web?

Every health insurance broker will tell you that they are the right choice. But what they say about their own awesomeness is less important than what customers, carriers, and colleagues say about their experiences. Look for positive customer reviews, make sure that the broker has no license or disciplinary issues, and check to see if they are members of certified professional health insurance and brokerage organizations.

Health Insurance Options, Guidance, and Expertise for Californians

If you want an experienced agent for health insurance who has your best interests at heart and will provide the personal service and expert guidance you need, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you. As an experienced California small business and individual health insurance broker, Preferred Insurance California can answer your questions and provide practical, affordable solutions during these uncertain times.

Contact Preferred Insurance today to arrange for your free consultation to discuss your small business or individual health insurance needs.

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