How and When to Add a Dependent To Your Health Insurance

Whether you have an employer-sponsored health plan, an individual plan through Covered California, or a privately purchased one, you can add a dependent to your coverage. This month’s blog will explain everything you need to know about how and when to add a dependent to your health insurance plan in California.

Understanding Dependents and Health Insurance

Health insurance is vital for protecting yourself and your family from the financial burden of medical expenses. With the increase in medical debt that burdens Americans, this protection is more necessary than ever before.

In the context of health insurance, dependents are individuals who rely on you for financial support. These dependents can include your children, spouses, and other qualifying relatives. When you add a dependent to your health insurance plan, you ensure they have access to the necessary medical care and financial protection in case of unexpected medical emergencies.

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Who Qualifies as a Dependent?

The term “dependent” refers to another individual who relies on you for the necessities of life. When discussing health insurance, dependents fall into one of three categories:


Children in California are typically eligible dependents under their parent or guardian’s health insurance plan. To qualify as a dependent, children must meet specific criteria:

Age Limit: Children can typically remain on their parent’s health insurance plan until they reach age 26. This age limit applies regardless of student status, marital status, or financial independence.

Relationship to the Policyholder: The individuals you are adding must have a legal and recognized relationship to the policyholder. This can include biological children, adopted children, stepchildren, and foster children.


Your spouse also qualifies as a dependent for health insurance benefits. In California, the designation of spouse includes individuals both in traditional marriages and domestic partnerships (same-sex marriages), so long as the partners are in a legally recognized relationship.

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Other Qualifying Relatives

Other relatives or non-relatives may be eligible dependents under your health insurance plan. But, they must meet specific criteria before you can add a dependent, such as being claimed as a dependent on your tax returns, having a certain level of financial dependence on you, and meeting income requirements.

What Benefits Will Dependents Receive?

When you add a dependent to your health insurance plan, you give them access to the same benefits and coverage you receive. This includes coverage for essential healthcare, such as preventative care visits, emergency services (including ambulatory services), hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, substance abuse and mental health services, and prescriptions.

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When to Add a Dependent to Your Health Insurance

There are generally two times when you can add a dependent to your health insurance plan in California. The first is during the Open Enrollment period.

Open Enrollment is a specific period during which California residents can change their health insurance plans, including adding or removing dependents. The Open Enrollment period occurs annually, starting in November and ending in the mid-to-end January of the following year. You can review your coverage options during this period and make any necessary adjustments. This is an ideal time to add a dependent to your health insurance plan if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Secondly, if you miss the Open Enrollment period, you can add a dependent to your health insurance plan if your circumstances qualify as a life event. This is known as a Special Enrollment Period. Some common qualifying life events include:

Birth or Adoption: If you have a child or adopt a child, you have limited time to add them to your health insurance plan.

Marriage: Getting married allows you to add your spouse as a dependent outside the Open Enrollment period.

Loss of Other Health Coverage: If a dependent loses their current health insurance coverage, they may be eligible for enrollment in your plan.

Relocation: Moving to a new area may qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period.

How to Add a Dependent to Your California Health Insurance Plan

While your health insurer may have specific steps to follow to add a dependent to your policy, here is a general outline of the process:

Required Documentation

To add a dependent to your health insurance plan, you must gather the necessary documentation. Typically, this includes:

Proof of Relationship: Birth certificates, adoption certificates, marriage certificates, or other legal documents establishing the relationship between the policyholder and the dependent.

Proof of Dependency: Documentation demonstrating that the dependent relies on you for financial support, such as tax returns or statements of financial responsibility.

Identification Documents: Copies of Social Security cards, driver’s licenses, or other identification documents for the dependent and the policyholder.

Additional Forms or Affidavits: Some California health insurers may require additional forms or affidavits to verify the dependent’s eligibility.

Contacting Your Insurance Provider

Once you have gathered the necessary documentation, you will need to contact your insurance provider directly, the human resources department for your employer, or the independent health insurance broker who helped you enroll to initiate the process of adding dependents to your health insurance plan. The process may be done through their customer service hotline, online portal, or, in the case of an independent broker, a face-to-face meeting. Provide all the required information and documentation to ensure a smooth and timely enrollment process.

How Do You Add an Unborn Child to Health Insurance in California?

Before your child is born, they will receive benefits under their mother’s health insurance plan. Unborn children are only considered dependents once they are born.

However, the birth of a child is a qualifying life event, which allows you to add them to your health insurance plan outside of the Open Enrollment period. Your newborn child will be automatically covered under your plan for 30 days after birth. However, you will have a specific window of time, typically 60 days, to add them as a permanent dependent to your plan.

Removing Dependents from Your Health Insurance

Just as you can add a dependent to your health insurance plan, you also have the option to remove dependents when necessary. Whether due to a change in circumstances or eligibility, you can typically remove dependents from your plan at any time.

That said, it is worth noting that in California, parents are legally required to provide health insurance to their children until they are at least 18 years of age, so long as they have access to affordable coverage.

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Independent Health Insurance Brokers: Your Trusted Partner

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